Urban Gardening of Fresh Produce

CAgrO is an education & engineering greenhouse and market garden located at 188 Kingsley Street in Buffalo. The center offers employment training and agriculture education to students.

Fresh Produce

The greenhouse offers fresh produce for sale to the community and for fundraising.

Program Purpose

The main objective of CAgrO is to provide food security for the East Side of Buffalo. Income and access are the two major obstacles that many residents of the East Side are faced with. To overcome these obstacles, we have to produce nutritious food that is affordable starting with our 321 Kingsley project.


In order to assure sustainability, we are adopting a traditional farm-market business model, growing our own food to be sold on site. From a sales standpoint, a renewed emphasis will be put on serving low-income, low-access individuals directly.

Future Outlook

From the supply side, investment in equipment and automation will allow us to make our produce affordable, and keep our program sustainable. From the sales side, however, job creation and economic development are attainable goals that we can and should be pursuing in partnerships with others, and for ourselves. Development of the Deaconess site will have an immediate impact, providing the impetus needed for our program to flourish and grow.