CAO Business Development Graduates Sell Goods at Fillmore Express Flea Market

Community Action Organization of WNY (CAO) has partnered with Fillmore Express Flea Market, where several of CAO’s business development course graduates sold their goods at an event on Friday, July 23. 

First opening its doors in December 2019, the Fillmore Express Flea Market is held in a large, open space in an historic building located on the East Side at 1870 Fillmore Ave. It houses over 30 active, entrepreneuring vendors, many of whom got their start through CAO’s business development program. The flea market gives those students the opportunity to test their goods in the marketplace. 

At the market, merchants sell a wide variety of products, including small home décor, handmade jewelry, intimate ware, CBD products, oils, apparel, personalized items to order, cleaning products, body and bath products, tools, garden supplies, plants, antiques, and more. Services available include tailoring, personalized printing, and tire repairs.

“Though our business title is ‘flea’ market, we are truly a ‘marketplace,’ especially for the East Side,” said Rita Jones, manager of the Fillmore Express Flea Market. “People that visit are usually shocked when they enter the doors. They are greeted and invited to an experience of shopping, perusing, and even fellowship, a family-friendly environment for everyone.

According to Pamela James, CAO’s Business Development Director, Friday’s event was a huge success.

“It was great to see so many of our students at the event,” she said. “They’ve all grown so much from when they first started out, and opportunities like this help them build confidence in their goods and business skills while networking with other entrepreneurs in the community. The flea market is a great way for them to put everything they have learned into practice.”