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CAO Demands Correction of False Information in the Buffalo News


I’m formally requesting a printed correction, based on the attached letter, of the News’ erroneous reporting from Feb. 18, and subsequently. The letter from Chaimpou, Travis Besaw & Kershner provides third-party affirmation of what we’ve said ad nauseum about the most potentially damaging aspect of your coverage of the CAO. There simply was no audit to stop — as the letter states — and your reporting that we stopped that work is therefore incorrect.

Further, to answer your next question, the CAO has no relationship with CTBK, nor has it had one going back to at least 1995. Previous and current auditors, chosen by RFP, were Szcymkowiak, Conway Porter and James Amato.

Specifically, we refer to:

“After Perry dismissed Hare’s critics – for reasons that remain vague – the work of a forensic accountant they had hired to examine the agency’s books was stopped.”

As you well know, one of the pillars of a libel case is the willingness, or unwillingness of an offending publication to correct its errors. As we’ve noted in repeated emails requesting corrections, there are a multitude of errors — for instance, “for reasons that remain vague,” is another, since the reasons were legal, documented and shared with DOS. We trust that since we’ve now supplied you with third-party documentation that what you wrote is wrong, that you will at least correct this one.

We also trust that this error will stop occurring, especially in future knee-jerk editorials, like today’s.

Thank you,

L. Nathan Hare