CAO Stories: Meet Miss Gabby

Mother, Site Coordinator, and So Much More

After Miss Gabby graduated from ECC, a teacher recommended her to apply for a Youth Counselor position at CAO. She was hired in 2017, but has always gone above and beyond her job requirements. In fact, her dedication to creating a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone at CAO was the catalyst for her promotion to Site Coordinator in March 2020. Miss Gabby has truly taken her career into her hands, not limiting herself to the duties of her job description but helping out wherever and however she could. 

Although her promotion was right at the beginning of the pandemic, Miss Gabby has taken the changes in stride. She’s become more health-conscious than ever, promoting the safety of students and staff at CAO’s community centers. Teaching a community-conscious mindset, she asks others to be conscientious of the people around them, creating an environment where all can feel safe and comfortable.

It’s been a difficult year for Miss Gabby, as it has been for many of us. As a mother of three, the COVID-19 pandemic changed life for herself and her family. Like many others, her children, Isaiah, Emilia, and Ayisha, were no longer able to go to school in person or see their friends. It’s no easy feat balancing family and work — especially during a pandemic. But Miss Gabby has truly been a role model for everyone at CAO in the way that she has taken such amazing care of her children both at home and at CAO. Thank you so much for all you do, Miss Gabby!