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CAO Stories: Meet Rachel

Rachel Tarwo, Owner of Rachel & Daughters African Variety Store

When Rachel Tarwo welcomes the Buffalo community into her store, you can expect a sparkly-eyed smile, even behind her mask as she offers a variety of African ethnic food, clothing, and other cultural items.

Being an entrepreneur originally from Liberia, a country on the West African coast, Rachel has always had the fortitude to drive her own destiny. Her journey is an illustration of perseverance, a life filled with traumatic twists and turns, joys and sorrows. Her family grew up in extreme poverty amidst a civil war. To survive, they had to flee Liberia in 2002, settling in the Ivory Coast. In 2004, she moved to the United States with her four children, an 11-year-old, 9-year-old twins, and a 3-year-old. She gave birth to her fifth child in the United States.

“When I was in Africa, I used to make my own candy. To create a product that others wanted to buy was very important for my family to survive. The entrepreneurial spirit is in my heart.” – Rachel Tarwo

It was difficult for Rachel to start a business in Buffalo, NY. She did not know anyone. But she reached out to CAO and was placed in a program to develop her career goals.

Rachel’s Daughters

“I am glad I had the opportunity to start my business. My daughters are helping me.” – Rachel Tarwo

Rachel loves to sell. In 2020, Rachel enrolled in the CAO’s Business Development Workshop Series. She first spoke with Patricia Elliot at the Masten Resource Center (MRC). She then has an appointment with Pamela James, Director of Business Development at the MRC. Rachel graduated at the top of the 2020 Business Development class. Pamela James is extremely proud of her work.

“Rachel has been a stellar student in the CAO’s Business Development Program. She asks a lot of questions. When provided with answers, she promptly executes on tasks and goals. Her positive attitude has helped her to gain positive results.” – Pamela James

Rachel & Daughters African Variety Store is set to open on February 20, 2021 at 12pm. She plans to offer cooking classes in the coming months, providing the community a unique cultural experience like no other.

“Our commitment is to provide you and the community with African ethnic food, clothing and other things at the best possible price. We believe in fair trade and take pride in knowing our vendors and their products. Combined with exceptional customer services, we provide you and your family with the traditional cultural foods you crave.” – Rachel Tarwo

Want to support Rachel on her big day? Join the community and attend Rachel & Daughters African Variety Store Grand opening! Who knows, maybe you’ll get to taste one of Rachel’s mouth watering African dishes!

Saturday, February 20, 2021 @ 12pm

883 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, NY 14211

Community members are required to wear a face mask on the premises and inside of the building. This event is free to the public.