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Dissecting the Assault on the CAO Part 2 – Conclusion

By Sabirah Muhammed, Buffalo Challenger

Throughout the News articles, Mayor Byron Brown is constantly interjected. It’s utterly baffling. It’s said that “Hare has long been an ally of Mayor Byron W. Brown.” We’re told that attorney of the mayor’s Fund to Advance Buffalo and has work with Brown on serval other civic projects.” CAO board members are called Brown’s “loyalists.” There’s a whole section titled “Mayor’s Allies on CAO Board.” One of the articles is titled: “As Mayor tightens grip on CAO, Fired Directors Will Demand Their Seats.”

Another badly written section seems to provide a clue but leads nowhere. It reads: “When Letitia James was running for state attorney general in 2018, she told the News’ editorial board that, if elected, she would use her investigative powers aggressively, including cases of nonprofits that a lot of elected officials are tied to… (those) can lead to a lot of information you can work with.” “Have we got a case for her.” Okay…but…what case? What’s the accusation here? Were told: It (the CAO) seems to be a fiefdom ruled by the Mayor, but paid for mostly with federal tax dollars.” But if true…what terrible things is he doing with this ”fiefdom?”

Obviously, we can speculate here. It’s easy to surmise that the Mayor is perceived to have a power base of money and human resources within the CAO, and that destroying it or sullying him with it could weaken him for a political challenge. But if that’s the plan, then the Donald Trump playbook of doing the dirt right out in the open is in full effect. They’ve certainly go the brazen lying, utter immorality, and depraved indifference down to a science. Racial trigger abound in this campaign… in words and pictures. The words “armed security guards” coupled with images of Black men with guns to strike fear in the hearts of White women out I the cold, and exercising power over boundaries, constant references to “public money” and Nate Hare’s salary…because Black folk don’t deserve decent salaries, and certainly can’t be trusted to manage “public money”… it’s all in there.

Dear Family. We’ve watched them take the Joint Schools Construction Money and many more millions earmarked for our community…putting businesses in the names of their wives and claiming minority status. We’ve watched folks take our stores, gas stations, and now the very houses we live in. But our unity is more powerful that an atomic bomb. Close ranks. It’s the brilliance, commitment, passion and organizational savvy of L. Nathan Hare that has given us a port in an unforgiving storm. To fail to rally around him now would be unconscionable! How many of us have benefitted from employment, housing or training, a place to make copies or use a computer, or just come together and look at one another, be in the presence of one another, and get strength from this journey? Fight, damn it. Fight!