Executive Board, Member

“The hardest work in the world is being out of work, Whitney M. Young once said, and that is why workforce development plays an important role in fighting poverty.”

Demone A. Smith

Member, Executive Board

As the Executive Director of the Buffalo Employment Training Center (BETC), Mr. Smith leads the regional efforts to support economic growth along with the development of an underutilized, but talented workforce. Under his leadership, he has strengthened the relationships with a network of employment and training providers and community support agencies that are committed to changing the face of workforce development in our community.

His commitment to serving our community is emphasized by his long tenure as an elected official. In 2003, Mr. Smith was appointed to the Erie County Legislature and elected in January 2004. During his tenure in Erie County, he succeeded in getting the Buffalo a bigger share of sales tax revenue, establishing a senior exercise program, increasing funding to inner-city cultural centers, increasing diversity in Erie County’s workforce, and re-opening Kensington Bailey Community Center. Mr. Smith has served as a chair of the Finance and Management Committee where he was able to help to stabilize Erie County’s budget after the fiscal challenges.

A few years later, in 2007, Mr. Smith became the Masten District Council Member and was overwhelmingly elected for a 2008 term and later elected to serve a second term in 2012. As Masten District Council Member, Mr. Smith has filed numerous legislation on economic, social, and environmental justice as well as supported the middle class, working poor and impoverished residents of his district. Demone stands for safe people, neighborhoods, and workplaces, a fair tax system and distribution of resources, coordinated services, and the establishment of partnerships to bring about a fair responsive and responsible City Government.

Mr. Smith is currently the Regional President of the Coalition of Black Elected Democrats (COBED), Former-Western Vice-President of New York State Young Democrats, member of the Executive Committee Assistant Scoutmaster of the Boys Scout Troop 139, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association.

A graduate of the nation’s oldest private African American University, Wilberforce University, Mr. Smith participated in student government, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., tutoring, and was also the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from the University, the student body, and the surrounding community.