Executive Board, Treasurer

“We believe in hope, prosperity, healing, and dignity for all”

Vernee Shaw

Treasurer, Executive Board of CAO of WNY
Audit, Finance, & Pension Committee Chair

Vernee Shaw has played an active role as a servant leader in our community for decades supporting a range of elected officials.

She currently works as the Senior Legislative Assistant to the Common Council. In this role she provides technical, clerical, and administrative support to the Common Council and individually to its members; provides staff assistance for all regularly scheduled or specially called public meetings and hearings; prepares resolutions, rules, and regulations for enactment by the Common Council; and provides assistance with the investigation and review of items and issues brought before the Common Council.

Previously, Ms. Shaw served as Chief of Staff at the Ellicott District Council Office where she represented the Common Council, President Darius G. Pridgen. As Chief of Staff, Ms. Shaw worked behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they are brought to the chief executive.