Sports P.L.U.S.

Establishing a Culture That Brings Transformation to Student Athletes

The CAO Sports P.L.U.S. (Partners in Learning and Urban Sports) Program was formulated to create a youth recreational and youth sport culture that will render productive student athletes.

The concept behind SPORTS P.L.U.S, is simply stated as,” The Power of Sport and Recreation.” Our student athletes are impacted positively in several ways, spiritually, educationally, socially, and athletically, by the culture created. Student-athletes, high school and college graduates is what the Sports P.L.U. S. culture produces.


CAO Sports P.L.U.S. program serves the entirety of the Western New York region with an emphasis on clients residing in the City of Buffalo. We place special emphasis on the citizens that are in the lowest poverty zones of our community. The age demographic we are looking to capture begins at eight (8) years of age and goes up to fifteen (15) years of age. Both boys and girls are eligible for our program. All participants must be enrolled in school and attending school on daily basis as well as maintaining high social standards and achieving academically.

Triple A Initiative (Academics, Attendance Academic achievement)

Under this initiative, our participants are required to have no unexcused absences, to demonstrate the proper attitude toward their education and have the proper social behavior within the structure of a professional school environment. Any violation of the policies under this initiative results in suspension form youth sports activity. This helps to foster the “student first” mentality we are creating in the minds of our student athletes.

SAAV (Student Athletes Against Violence)

The Sports P.L.U.S. takes a very direct approach to curb the violent activity amongst the youth of our community. The SAAV initiative has enabled us to bring great awareness to the anti-violence movement within our community.

More Than an Athlete Mentor Program

This is the gem that sets our program apart. This initiative will focus on developing our student athletes to become all that they were born to become. By training them to take responsibility for educating and edifying themselves, develop the character traits and their talents, they will escape poverty.