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Utility Assistance

Erie County residents who have a documented loss of income relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and have fallen behind on their utilities, as a result, are eligible to apply.

A completed application and the following documentation are needed:

–          Proof of Covid-19 Related Loss of Income
–          Copy of government-issued Photo ID for head of household
–          Proof of 1 Month’s Current Income
–          Notice of Past Due Rent/Mortgage
–          Proof of Address
–          Past Due Utility Bill (Account must be in name of applicant)
–          Identification for all other Household members

For more information, contact Brandi L. Haynes, Director of Emergency & Family Services:

Phone: 716.881.5150 ext. 4772


Community Action Organization
Phone: 716.881.5150

Covid-19 Crisis Questions

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Be Safe During Covid-19

Follow these steps (CDC guidelines) to help keep you and others safe:

Stay home

Practice social distancing

Wash your hands often

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Clean and disinfect household surfaces

Cover your coughs and sneezes