Youth Services


Our Children Are Our Future

Our mission is to promote the self-sufficiency of our youth through intentional, engaging, meaningful and enriching education.

Serving over 2,500 school-aged youth and families a year across the region, the Youth Services Department’s goal is to take a holistic approach to the growth and development of the youth of Erie and Niagara County with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency.

This will be accomplished through academic enrichment, positive character development and youth leadership training in a safe, structured and supportive environment where excellence can be achieved.

All of our programs are designed to positively impact academic achievement and safety by providing parents with a reliable option for after school recreation and supervision for their children, while providing them with supervised recreation, academic enrichment, values development, group and individual mentoring, community service, career exploration and motivation.

To enroll a child, parents should contact:

Zandalee Delgado, YSD Case Worker
(716) 579-8450

Other Programs


JoAnna Rozier-Johnson
VP of Youth Services
Phone: 716.881.5150 ext. 4314

Our Values

In order to successfully complete our mission, our department hires and trains a staff who embodies and works under the following values. Members of our team work diligently to personify and display these values in our daily interactions with co-workers, clients, visitors, partners, and community members.

– Professionalism
– Empowerment
– Accountability
– Professionalism
– Empowerment
– Accountability


The goal of the Neighborhoods United for Restoration Teaching Upliftment Recreation and Education (NURTURE), is to provide an afterschool program that can help improve the academic performance of school-aged youth in grades K-8.

The program’s foundation is centered on four key clubs: Reading, Culture, Debate and Drama. Students are also provided with character education, arts & crafts, and recreational activities that assist in their social development.

Leadership Academy

Only 20 seats available!

Do you have an 11-14 year old in need a summer camp program that equips them with an array of leadership skills? Register NOW for our Leadership Academy.

To sign up:

1. Pay the $100 non-refundable deposit online via Summer Camp Payment Portal. (Note Leadership Academy as “Location”)

2. Text or call Ms. Stefanie at (716) 480-5498 to pick up an application packet.

3. Return the completed application with all supporting documentation to Ms. Stefanie by Friday, June 25th.

4. Pay the remaining balance on the payment portal by Friday, July 2nd.

This program serves middle school children ages 11-14 years old. It operates 6 weeks in the summer and allows youth to engage and learn the fundamentals of becoming a great leader, while participating in developmental activities including: college and vocational school tours, community services projects, cultural field trips, book clubs and recreation.

NURTURE Summer Camp

Our sites are full and we are only receiving the remaining balances for full-day registrations. Thank you for your understanding.

The Neighborhoods United for Restoration Upliftment Recreation and Education (NURTURE) Summer Camp operates various summer camp programs with the goal of maintaining and improving students’ academic achievement levels, sustaining and improving their social values, and personal gains from the completed school year. Students in our camp improve everyday life competencies through cultural enrichment activities. The camp is 6 weeks long with at least 1 field trip each week and many recreational and educational activities to keep our students healthy and bright over the summer months. We serve youth in grades K-8.

To Register Your BPS or Charter School Child:

1.     Register on the Say Yes link to reserve your child’s seat.
2.     For parents who want services after 3:30pm for full day programming, pay the minimum deposit of $60 or the full $100 per student. Then print or screenshot your receipt.
3.     Go to our Center to grab our full application to return with attachments quickly.

**Notice: Applications must be submitted and approved by Say Yes for CAO to accept the student.  The deposit alone does not hold the seat.

To Register Your Lake Shore School District Child for Angola, NY:

1.     Pay the minimum deposit of $60 per student. Then print or screenshot your receipt.
2.     Go to our Angola Community Center (251 N. Main Street, 14006) to grab our full application to return with attachments quickly.
3.     After you submit your documentation to the Coordinator, your full tuition price will be determined:
a.     $200/child for those under the 200% poverty guideline
b.     $350/child for those above the 200% poverty guideline

21st Century Community Learning Center

These programs work collaboratively with community stakeholders to provide a learning environment that addresses urgent needs and reduces barriers to academic success in underperforming schools. This is done through various activities such as digital beat making, graphic design, cooking club, performing arts, photography, fitness, and much more. We serve youth in grades K-4 and 9-12.

Evaluation Reports

2020 Annual Evaluation Form McKinley
2020 Annual Evaluation Form NURTURE
2020 Annual Evaluation Form AOE
2020 Annual Evaluation Form ECC 17
21st CCLC-Makowski x 7030 Annual-Eval Report 2020 (1)

NURTURE Parent Councils

Established to provide assistance to the NURTURE Academy in order to maintain educational, recreational and financial needs. The objectives of the Parent Council are:

  • To work in partnership with NURTURE Academy to create a welcoming after school/summer program which is inclusive of all parents
  • To promote partnership between NURTURE Academy, the community, students, and all parents
  • To develop and engage in activities which support the activities and welfare of all students enrolled in the NURTURE Academy
  • To develop, organize, and engage in all fundraising activities which will financially support the activities of all students enrolled in the NURTURE Academy
  • To identify and represent the views of parents on the activities provided by NURTURE Academy and other matters affecting the activities and welfare of the students enrolled in the NURTURE Academy.

Education Task Force

A collective unit of educators, administrators and corporate partners whose mission it is to encourage, recruit and assist students with exploring post-secondary education options. The Education Task Force is an original function of CAO’s volunteer base of community leaders. Their function has been to guide the agency’s efforts to meet community’s needs as they relate to educational advancement of students throughout Erie and Niagara County. As a function of the Youth Services Department, the Task Force annually produces a minimum of two major events: (1) College Day and (2) Scholarship Fair, which both provide a base for us to award valuable scholarships to deserving students interested in pursuing a higher education.


  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Buffalo Board of Education
  • After School Network of WNY
  • CEPA Gallery
  • Girl Scouts of WNY
  • Canisius College Science Department
  • Engineering For Kids
  • Squeaky Wheel
  • LaMovement Fitness
  • Cops and Kids
  • Zandra by Azariah’s Innocence


Angola Community Center
251 N. Main Street
Angola, NY 14006
Center Phone: 716.549.4180
Coordinator Cell: 716.579.1336

Edward Saunders Community Center
2777 Bailey Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14215
Center Phone: 716.332.4381
Coordinator Cell: 716.846.4409

JFK Community Center
114 Hickory Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
Center Phone: 716.332.4554
Coordinator Cell: 716.480.5498

Pratt Willert Community Center
422 Pratt Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
Center Phone: 716.852.1671
Coordinator Cell: 716.430.1073

21st Century Community Learning Center @ Early Childhood Center #17
1045 West Delavan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209
Coordinator Cell: 716.480.5154

21st Century Community Learning Center @ Stanley Makowski BPS #99
1095 Jefferson Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14208
Coordinator Cell: 716.208.6236

21st Century Community Learning Center @ McKinley High School
1500 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14207
Coordinator Cell: 716.289.5860

21st Century Community Learning Center @ Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction BPS #61
453 Leroy Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14215
Coordinator Cell: 716.846.9486